Wednesday, November 25, 2009

$60 a Barrel Crude from Australian BTL / CTL Project

Rentech has developed a patented, proprietary and proven technology that economically converts syngas from fossil and biomass resources into hydrocarbons that can be refined into ultra-clean biodegradable synthetic fuels, specialty waxes and chemicals. _YahooFinance
Peak Oil, meet BTL / CTL. Rentech's CTL process can take high sulfur coal and turn it into clean energy PLUS! sell the extracted sulfur as a high value chemical. This approach points out a problem with the fake-enviros who are trying to shut down modern industry via energy-starvation. These false prophets see only problems, never solutions. As we have seen from CRU emails and commented code, they are not above deception, collusion, and intimidation in order to have their way with the public purse. Time to put them out to pasture, and consult real engineers and scientists for the purposes of finding solutions.
Australia’s Syngas Limited has engaged Rentech (NYSE AMEX: RTK) to provide Fischer-Tropsch fuels production preliminary engineering services for Syngas’ proposed commercial scale coal and biomass to liquids (CBTL) fuels facility in Southern Australia, known as the Clinton Project. This work builds on the Clinton Project Pre-Feasibility Study outcomes released in April 2009 by Syngas.

The Clinton Project is a large-scale coal-to-liquid (CTL) project with non-food carbon neutral biomass providing supplementary feed (CBTL) as part of the Company’s carbon management plan. The Clinton Project involves a fully integrated diesel production process, comprising onsite coal and biomass gasification; onsite power generation to meet process requirements; and Premium Diesel production, using Fischer-Tropsch technology. Access to five core proven technologies underpins the commercial scale development of the Clinton Project:

Gasification (Syngas production);
Power Generation;
Fischer Tropsch (Premium Diesel/liquid production);
Dewatering/Drying; and
Gas Conditioning.
Projected output of the Clinton Project is a maximum 13,000 barrels of diesel per day (15,800 barrels of oil equivalent per day or 5.3 million BOE per year); 62,000 tonnes per year of sulfur for industrial use; 350,000 tonnes per year of granular slag for use in road base/building products; up to 114MW of power during peak periods; and potentially potable water for local use.

Syngas projects about a 10% ROI at US$60/barrel of crude, which higher returns at higher oil prices. _GCC

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