Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nuclear Fusion and Fission: Alternative to Political Peak Oil

Brian Wang follows new developments in nuclear energy technologies, and has three recent blog postings worth looking at:

An Interview with the head of the Focus Fusion group

A look at how new modular nuclear reactors from India may change the energy equation

Suggestions for speeding the development and regulatory approval of new nuclear reactor designs

If the Obama / Pelosi outfit is successful in strangling the US energy supply, the damage to the economy at large will take decades in repairing. Political Peak Oil appears to be the ultimate goal of the new energy starvation reich. But it cannot happen unless the rest of the US Government, American media, and American society in general go along with the suicidal plans.

Nuclear energy -- particularly the safe, new, more economical designs -- would be able to evade the draconian carbon regulations favoured by the new reich. But faux-environmentalists and other entrenched Luddite interests appear determined to stop any effort to work around the broad plan of energy starvation. It will be "touch and go" for some time.



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