Monday, June 22, 2009

Bioenergy's Big Future

It is fashionable to express skepticism about the potential of bioenergy to solve many of the energy problems for large parts of the developed and undeveloped worlds. Here at Al Fin Energy, we reject fashion for the sake of realism. Planet Earth is a biological planet -- the only one we know of for certain. Biology is an excellent anti-entropic nano-conglomerate system. It is open-ended and almost endlessly modifiable. Biology can be scaled from the microscopic to the planetary.

Here are 3 very good articles dealing with bioenergy:

Brian Wang looks at 12 leading biofuel technology firms, and the prospect of a fast expansion of biodiesel production globally.

GenEngNews looks at alternative feedstocks for boosting biofuels production of several types. This article is a good complement to Brian Wang's article above, for a more comprehensive survey of the biofuels field.

And Brian Westenhaus takes a closer look at the use of diatoms in the production of biodiesel and bio-oils.



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