Monday, October 20, 2008

Centuries of Energy From Coal Gasification, If the New Government Allows Energy Use

Italian researchers have developed more efficient coal gasification methods that would provide cleaner and more abundant energy from coal.
It is shown that, if compared with a conventional CTL plant, the mass yield of liquid synthetic fuel is increased by 39.4%, the CO2 emissions per unit of liquid fuel are decreased by 31.9% and energy efficiency increases by 71.1%. _ACS
More from Physorg:
World coal reserves, they note, are 25 percent greater than crude oil and the United States alone has enough coal to supply its own energy needs for centuries....Based on laboratory simulations and comparisons with conventional coal gasification, their system was 70 percent more energy efficient, yielded 40 percent more fuel and released 32 per cent less carbon dioxide. "The new process configuration can represent a valuable alternative route to obtain syngas both for electric power generation and for synthetic fuel production," the report states.
As noted in the study, the coal gasification method would allow for more efficient and cleaner production of electricity from coal, or alternatively, a higher yield of liquid fuels via coal gasification and F-T synthesis.

Under an Obama administration, all uses of coal, oil sands, oil shale, and heavy oils would be doubtful, due to the classification of carbon dioxide as a "dangerous pollutant," under an Obama EPA. In other words, energy starvation with resulting economic devastation. Just like Al Fin suggested previously, before he mysteriously disappeared.


Alice Finkel
Assistant Administrator
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