Thursday, October 23, 2008

$1 a Gallon Diesel From Coal Gasification: Watch the Politicians Kill It And Bring On Political Peak Oil

The world has enough low grade coal to produce plenty of clean fuels for centuries at current consumption, using Fischer-Tropsch synthesis along with gasification. What is stopping it? Politicians such as Boxer, Pelosi, Obama, and the rest of the carbon hysteria morons who are willing to destroy national and international economies for the sake of an unscientific political ideology.
A single Fischer-Tropsch coal-to-liquid-fuels gasification plant atop one of Southland’s billion-tonne lignite fields could replace all New Zealand’s diesel imports within five years if the necessary processes, including consenting under the Resource Management Act (RMA), were condensed “to the fastest possible point.”

...The technology is already mostly available, gasification of coal to liquid fuels having been developed by Germany to fuel the Luftwaffe during World War Two, _NBR
The New Zealand planners intend to sequester the CO2 produced by the process deep underground. How much smarter it would be to use the CO2 in an algal biodiesel plant alongside the gasification plant, or in a biosynthetic CO2 to fuels process as being developed by over half a dozen different teams worldwide?

It is time to take politicians who practice energy-starvation on the public, and send them to Oynklent Green for re-processing. Perhaps then, the net benefit from the morons would be positive.

Alice Finkel

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$1 gallon Diesel from coal a great development..

Coal Gasification

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