Friday, July 11, 2008

The Idiots are Bashing Biofuels Again

"The American farmer successfully produces both food and fuel," said Caupert, director of the National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Center at SIU's Edwardsville campus.

He said myths such as the increased use of natural space to produce ethanol, the waste of water growing corn and making ethanol and the injury to poor people caused by making ethanol are rampant and wrong.
Biofuels vs. food is a debate for the uninformed. Why? Because there is only a false dichotomy there, so no grounds for such a debate exists. Biofuels are the nearest-term substitute for liquid petro-fuels. If our moronic elected officials do not unleash the energy industry to produce oil-equivalent from coal, shale oil, shale gas, and oil sands, there will be nothing but biofuel to fill the need for liquid fuels to power a pre-existing infrastructure. An infrastructure will take decades to replace.

Smart people are starting to recognize the potential. Leaders in various industries, such as oil, chemicals, automobile manufacturing, power equipment manufacurers etc. are starting to look to biofuels for part of the answer to curren shortfalls and high prices.
"Agriculture can supply the solution, providing adequate resources for food, feed and fuel far into the foreseeable future," John Pierce, DuPont Applied BioSciences' vice president for technology, testified at a Senate subcommittee hearing.

Agricultural yields from existing acres will continue to increase in this country, he said. With much of the world lagging behind this country in agricultural productivity, there are dramatic opportunities to expand production globally by bringing modern farming practices to other parts of the world.
We are faced with political peak oil. Better political leaders would free up much of the energy locked in the ground by moronic lead brains such as Boxer and Pelosi. But bioenergy offers another--although slower--way to provide today's infrastructure with liquid fuels.

Building enough nuclear power plants will take years and decades. Getting the utility-scale storage that is needed to turn solar and wind into viable baseload power will take decades. Getting enhanced geothermal into position to provide 20% or more of electricity for N. America will take decades.

Converting coal to oil equivalent can be done now, if given the go-ahead by government. Scaling up use of Canadian oil sands and heavy oils could begin now. Increasing development of Bakken oil fields could begin now. Intensifying research and development of harvesting huge oil shale fields could begin now.

Biofuels is on the threshold of plentiful, clean and affordable fuel from algae, cellulose biomass, and synthetic biological forms. Before that, biofuels from cane, sorghum, cassava, jatropha, palm, pangomia, moringa, coconut, and a legion of other biofuel crops will be refined and developed to economical forms.

This is only the beginning of the transition. Biofuels are like a newborn baby with apparently unlimited potential. Babies are a huge drain on resources at first, but if they are raised well, they grow up to take up the load.

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