Thursday, July 03, 2008

Jatropha Update

New jatropha growing projects are being initiated in Zambia, Malawi, Angola, Argentina, Indonesia, and Brazil. Intensive investigation into the use of jatropha energy is being undertaken by researchers from China, Italy, the UK, and India. The crown prince of Abu Dhabi is pledging a $15 Billion investment in a project that focuses on jatropha energy. __Source

It is a mistake to concentrate exclusively on any one approach to solving the problem of unfavourable energy economics. Both electric power production and the production of chemical fuels are important. Pursuing safe and abundant nuclear energy is a complementary approach to pursuing bioenergy.

Likewise, neither jatropha, algae, nor any other bioenergy approach should be fixated upon exclusively. Instead, we should fit the energy approach to the particular location and need. The fixation upon maize ethanol by ADM and "corn state" US Senators, has restricted the options of biofuels in the US unnecessarily.

Solar thermal, PV, wind, geothermal, and other "elemental" renewable energy methods continue to make incremental improvements--although the huge problem holding back wind and solar continues to be the need for utility scale storage.

Electricity is the easiest form of energy to move in bulk, once the infrastructure is in place. HVDC is the best way to move large quantities of electricity--particularly underground and underwater, or where multiple power grids may interface together.

North America possesses trillions of barrels of oil equivalent at 1/3 or less current oil costs, using available processes. While there will always be a need for improvement in efficiencies and less polluting processes will always need to be developed, there comes a point where obstructionism (as per Pelosi and Boxer) does far more harm than good.

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