Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dynamic Fuels LLC, BTL, Fischer-Tropsch a "Go"

The company Dynamic Fuels is a partnership venture between Syntroleum Corporation and Tyson Foods, located in a Gulf Opportunity Zone--a tax free enterprise area.
Dynamic Fuels will initially use the Syntroleum “Bio-Synfining” process—a biomass-optimized third-stage of Syntroleum’s full Fischer-Tropsch-based synthetic fuels process—to produce renewable diesel and renewable jet fuel. Bio-Synfining in essence treats fats, greases and vegetables oils as a Fischer-Tropsch wax, and upgrades them to renewable diesel (R-2) and renewable jet fuel (R-8).

...A planned second stage to the plant will add full biomass-to-liquid (BTL) processing to the operating Bio-Synfining plant. In other words, in addition to upgrading oils, fats and greases, Dynamic fuels will also gasify biomass, process the syngas in a Fischer-Tropsch reactor, and flow the resulting FT wax into the third Bio-Synfining stage.

The Bio-Synfining stage converts the triglyceride molecules in fats and oils to normal paraffin isomers through hydrogenation, thermal depolymerization and isomerization. The result is conversion to a full bio-hydrocarbon molecule.

The Geismar plant will have a production capacity of 75 million gallons per year, with synthetic diesel being the primary product.

The plant will apparently be able to use biomass and bio-oils as feedstock, as well as coal and gas. All feedstocks will be refined to liquid fuels such as diesel or jet fuel. A flexible feedstock facility will be able to take advantage of the most economical, plentiful, and advantageous feedstocks as they become available throughout the year. Ideally, the amount of re-tooling and equipment modification when converting from feedstock to feedstock would be minimal.

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