Monday, February 05, 2007

Nuclear Power Plant Construction to Accelerate Internationally

This post links to information on the rapidly accelerating plans for new nuclear power construction worldwide. The TVA in the southern US has immediate plans to build two new plants, with longer range plans for more.

This link will take you to a table listing different countries with their current nuclear plants, those under construction, those planned, and those proposed.

  • Canada* 18 now, 2 under construction 1.54 GW, 2 planned 2 GW
  • China 10 now, 5 under construction 4.1 GW, 13 planned 13GW, 50 proposed, 36GW
  • India 16 now, 7 under construction 3.2GW, 4 planned 2.8GW, 15 proposed, 11.1GW
  • Japan 55 now, 2 under construction 23GW, 11 planned 15GW
  • South Korea (1,7) and Russia (3,8) have a lot under construction and planned

Nuclear energy is getting safer, and newer reactor designs are more efficient. Even newer designs promise the ability to productively burn all those tons of nuclear waste that would otherwise require thousands of years of secure storage. Things seem to be working out all around for nuclear power.



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