Friday, December 29, 2006

Dean Kamen's Advanced Stirling Engine and Slingshot Purifier

Yes, it is true. It is possible to provide clean water, and reliable electricity from dung, and urine. Can you think of many places that significant numbers of humans live where there is not ample supply of both?

Dean Kamen--successful college dropout, inventor extraordinaire--provides the means to make energy from dung or other bio-combustibles, and pure water from piss--or any impure water source. The ingenious devices that provide clean water and plentiful energy can be mass produced cheaply, and transported anywhere.

Wealthy inventor Dean Kamen does not hesitate to drink his own urine(!)--once it has passed through his patented "Slingshot" purification system. He does this in front of audiences to convince them that it is possible to do away with water-born illness around the globe. Would George Bush or Nancy Pelosi drink their own urine to help make the world a better place? Interesting question.

There should be no shortage of clean water, no one without electricity. The only real shortages existing are shortages of intelligence, ingenuity, cooperation, and tolerance for other religions and ideologies. Dean Kamen has provided the ingenuity for plentiful freshwater and energy--no matter how remote the village.



Blogger Unknown said...

Do you know if this system is available now?

I have a small ecological center in Baja, Mexico,which is intended to be a sustainable alternative to massive tourist development, but we need to be independent in water production.

9:29 AM  

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