Tuesday, September 26, 2006

James Hansen Threatens the World: Not One Degree More Dammit! I'm Warning You, Not One Degree More!!!

James Hansen appears to have gone around the bend in his latest claims of measurement precision for temperatures over the past million years! One degree--ultra precision by proxy. Amazing.

Climate Audit blog re-introduces a huge dollop of sanity into the debate by placing Hansen's claim into context. Be sure and read the comments too. Climate Audit allows a rough and tumble debate that you will never find at the heavily censored "realclimate" site.

The article itself is a bizarre and undisciplined hodgepodge in which they discuss Hansen’s congressional testimony in 1988 for a while, an ocean sediment record in the Western Equatorial Pool, then sea levels and species extinctions, musing on Dangerous Anthropogenic Intervention and the Framework Convention - which Stephen Schneider set out as an objective some time ago. (Ross twigged to the increasing mentions of Dangerous Anthropogenic Interference - the trigger phrase for the Framework Convention - to which the U.S. is a party.

The article was presumably peer reviewed, but then in today's atmosphere of "fashion science", the criteria for publishing are a bit skewed from conventional scientific standards.

The fascinating thing is the number of people who take these latest claims by Hansen seriously. Independent thought must have been bullied out of them by their conformist educations, or perhaps they never had the facility to begin with.


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