Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Big Wind and Big Solar: Big Disappointments to Taxpayers


The best way of comparing energy subsidies is per unit of energy produced. The US would appear to be getting its money's worth for all forms of energy except big wind and big solar. US taxpayers are getting shafted up the kazoo when it comes to so-called "green energy" projects. Not only is "green energy" unreliable and intermittent -- a hazard for power grids -- but it is exorbitantly expensive, and too often fails in the marketplace. Obama's green jobs plan has been a disaster for everyone except Obama himself, and his cronies.
Crony capitalism–in its full-blown version, national socialism–is always and everywhere a failure. You cannot create wealth by subsidizing the inefficient production of energy–a fundamental rule of economics that the Obama administration, sadly, has yet to learn. _Powerlineblog

It would be best for government to get out of the act of subverting the energy marketplace so as to stop wasting taxpayer money, stop energy starvation, and stop destroying the economy overall.

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Why wind and solar cannot run an advanced economy

Why Obama's green energy policies are so idiotic

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