Thursday, September 22, 2011

Supplying the Needs of Big Energy: Alberta Black Shale Project

The size of this property is mind-boggling. To put it into perspective, the Alberta Black Shale Project is almost the size of Rhode Island.

It's so big, in fact, that it can supply America's nuclear industry, military technologies, electric car market, and renewable energy sectors forever! _EnergyandCapital

Big energy has many requirements in order to prosper. One of the most important needs of big energy, is metals and mineral ores. Energy projects require vast amounts of steel and other metals such as nickel, copper, silver, molybdenum, vandium, etc. Nuclear energy will consume huge quantities of uranium and thorium. And a wide range of energy projects will require rare earth minerals. And now, just in time, we are hearing about a vast mineral deposit in Alberta that could produce energy-vital minerals for hundreds of years.
The Alberta Black Shale Project is a massive polymetallic formation (1,050 square miles) that contains molybdenum, nickel, uranium, vanadium, zinc, copper, cobalt, silver, gold, and an array of rare earths including lithium. It’s a huge and valuable formation.

And it has the potential to be a complete game changer — so much so that the Canadian media is calling it “the mine of the future,” saying the “mineral wealth is virtually limitless.”

And who can blame them?

Recent results from a winter drill program suggest 1.4 to 1.5 billion pounds of polymetallic mineralization consisting of 1.1 billion pounds of rare earth elements worth an estimated $206 billion. _EnergyandCapital
There should be little doubt about the vastness of Earth's mineral and energy complement. The true limitations to the grand human venture are the limits to human innovation, resourcefulness, and wisdom.

Unfortunately, the current governments of the most advanced nations of Earth are embroiled in petty arguments of political correctness, and corrupt power grabbing. Very few are concerned about increasing human cognitive abilities, innovativeness, inventiveness, and vision. All human societies will suffer for this short-sightedness.

Titanium, Uranium, Diamonds, rare earths, and a wide range of industrial ores -- plus vast coal deposts -- are sitting in Alberta's rock.

If dieoff.orgiast greens thought think the oil sands projects are an insult to mother Gaia, what will they think of the Alberta Black Shale Project? Unfortunately for these faux environmentalists, their credibility has been self-decimated by their opportunistic flogging of the pseudoscience of carbon hysteria. The backlash from that grand crusade of "crying wolf" is apt to be painful to them, ultimately.

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