Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nuclear News Bits

Brian Wang reports on new nuclear developments from India, Mongolia, Belarus, Canada, Japan, and Australia

Rod Adams at Atomic Insights discovers that some nuclear power is indeed "too cheap to meter."

A new nuclear blog, Nuclear Britain, is on the web

Turkey is working with Russia and Japan in its move to construct nuclear power plants

Cold fusion may find new life in India -- Upcoming International Conference

If you haven't read Ted Rockwell's PDF Nuclear Energy Facts Report yet, you need to do so at your earliest convenience. Ted's Learning About Energy website is where updated versions of the report will appear when available.

With new, smart, clean, nuclear reactors, using re-cycled fuels, the energy to power advanced human societies many thousands of years is in our grasp. Long before that time is up, clean fusion and other advanced forms of energy will be perfected and ready for use.

The future is currently stymied by greens, energy starvationists, and carbon hysterics -- all yearning for the great human dieoff.orgy and a 90% or more reduction of the human population. Unfortunately, once the left-Luddite instigated human dieoff begins, it becomes a wildfire that cannot be controlled. The Earth and its ecosystems and biodiversity are likely to be left far more vulnerable by left-Luddite interference than at present.

The recent direction of advanced societies has been toward bioremediation and greater biodiversity and preservation of habitat. That trend will only accelerate as humans achieve cleaner and more sustainable energy sources such as advanced nuclear power.



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