Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Small Nukes for Rural Canada

Small nuclear reactors have proven their ability to provide reliable heat and power over several decades -- using a number of different designs. Now a venture company is forming a private corporation to provide small nuclear reactors to isolated communities across Canada.
Western Troy's CEO, Rex Loesby, commented, "As we worked through the feasibility process for our MacLeod Lake Project, we evaluated a number of electric power options. One option is a small nuclear reactor. We found there are a number of small reactor designs in operation and under development around the world and there looks to be an opportunity to work with one or more of these reactor designs to develop the technology specifically for remote communities and mine sites in Canada. Some of these small reactor designs have operated for decades without safety issues, nuclear reactors do not release carbon emissions, and there are communities and mines in remote locations throughout Canada that would benefit greatly from clean, safe, and relatively low cost electric power."

...Rex Loesby commented further, "What started out as an engineering exercise quickly grew into an idea that could be revolutionary for the development of northern communities and resources in Canada. We have begun to see this as much more than a commercial venture, but an opportunity for Canada to lead the world in clean energy development for remote sites." _Source
Small nuclear reactors are a natural fit for remote arctic and antarctic communities (as well as mid-ocean and outer space outposts). Providing ample quantities of electric power and heat, small nuclear reactor / generator installations provide the basis for local and regional development of all types -- including agriculture and mining.

Faux environmentalists oppose nuclear energy of all types, without understanding exactly what it is they are opposing -- or what they are forcing people to accept in its place. These faux enviros are in the process of completing the devastation of the US economy -- and would like to do the same thing to Canada.

So far, Canadians have been too smart to allow the faux's to gain an absolute upper hand.

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