Tuesday, August 11, 2009

70,000 Gallons per acre per year Algal Bio-Oil

This breakthrough biofuel yield from algae is being announced by Sun-Eco Energy, located in fragrant Chino, California.
With algae oil production yields indicated to be over 70,000 gallons/acre/year , an advanced method for producing the bio oil is being readied for commercial production.. This coincides with new reports that petroleum production is falling behind growing world demand for oil and need to restrict crop lands to food production.

Based on information provided by Hoyt Isom, chief information officer of SunEco Energy, Chino, California, the new high yield system has been proven in pilot production since 2007 and is being prepared for commercial scale oil production at a facility in Niland, California(Imperial Valley) . Production is being ramped up to 14.6 million gal/yr within 9 months.

The initial target is bio crude for refining into diesel fuel which SunEco expects can be sold at something under the current market price for petroleum fuel. It performs equally in diesel engines.at 20% to 50% blend with petroleum diesel.. Up to 82% reduced PM exhaust (particulate matter) emissions has been demonstrated with no loss in power..BiofuelsDigest
If SunEco can deliver on its high-yield promise, it will blow other bio-oil approaches out of the water. There is reason to be skeptical, based upon other failed optimists of the past. The search for investors in a recession can sometimes lead a company to overstate its prospects.

Still, all in all, it is good to see that some biofuels companies are pushing the envelope even in the darkest days of an Obama / Pelosi economic mismanagement. This may be the one to watch.



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