Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Shale Oil & Gas Boom Moves into Kansas, Ohio, and Beyond . . . .

The huge boom in shale oil & gas discovery and production continues to roll across the US, despite the best efforts of the US Obama administration.
Kansas is on the verge of joining the nouveau rich petroleum states
Ohio is beginning to profit from its new oil & gas industry, and is forced to face the political fallout of newfound wealth.
Natural gas producers in the US are struggling with the economic implications of the huge shale gas glut
More companies are looking at gas-to-liquids (GTL) as a way to boost profits in the face of very low natural gas prices in North America
Besides GTL, other companies are planning to export LNG to Asia to take advantage of high demand there.

So as GTL and LNG exports begin to pick up, one should expect natural gas prices in North America to rise, making new unconventional gas exploration and production profitable once again.

Oil & gas production in North America has boomed to produce an energy glut, which must find a way to be exported into a hungry global marketplace, in order for North American producers to profit fully.



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