Saturday, April 07, 2012

Green Energy Crashes and Burns from US to EU to China

Everyone is familiar with the multi $billion losses from US President Obama's green company bankruptcies, with about a dozen of Obama's darling fake energy companies in economic trouble. But not as many are as aware of the looming problems of green energy companies in Europe, and the coming bursting of China's wind and solar industry.

If you want a country to fail, just get them to invest in intermittent green energy schemes. Nothing is more like a dead albatross around the neck than intermittent green energy. That is why US President Obama's concern that China may be moving ahead of the US in green energy is so amusing.

Obama's favourite green energy stimulus payoffs to his political backers are failing right and left, while the forms of energy that Mr. Obama is trying to kill -- natural gas, oil, coal, oil sands, nuclear, etc. -- are what is keeping the US' industry and economy treading water. If Mr. Obama's agenda were actually carried to completion, the US would be drowning, with a doubtful prognosis.

Here are a few of the news stories dealing with the collapse of the global green fake energy industry:

Germany's solar industry in trouble
Europe Rethinks Solar Subsidies
China's wind industry bubble to deflate
China Abandons Solar for Nuclear h/t WUWT
Cheap Natural Gas Kills Green Energy
Another Obama Green Bust
Obama Backer Receives Whitehouse Backing, then Declares Bankruptcy
Electricity Costs: The Folly of Wind Power (PDF)

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Blogger Matt M said...

The energy projects crashed. But - the main goal was achieved. Obama managed to transfer over $100 BILLION dollars of taxpayer money into the pockets of his friends and supporters.

8:41 AM  

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