Saturday, March 12, 2011

Areva Blog Hosts 43rd Carnival of Nuclear Energy

Areva Blog is hosting the latest (43rd) edition of the Carnival of Nuclear Energy (via Brian Wang). Here is a short excerpt:

From The Nuclear Green Revolution

Many important industrial processes require the input heat produced by burning carbon based fuels. The decarbonization of society requires that the use of carbon based fossil fuels be largely eliminated as energy resources. Renewable energy resources, including solar thermal systems would seem to be poor candidates for many industrial process heat applications. A number of nuclear technologies may be offered as limited sources of industrial process heat, but a new Oak Ridge National Laboratory, reactor design project, the SmAHTR, appears to offer a high level of nuclear safety, to low cost and a promising evolutionary rout to temperas as high as 1000 C and even higher. [... read more.]

From Yes Vermont Yankee

At Yes Vermont Yankee, Meredith Angwin celebrates that the NRC said “Yes, Vermont Yankee” by awarding a license renewal (at long last). She discusses the technology and the politics behind this decision. [... read more.]

Brian Wang is following efforts to stabilise Japan's nuclear reactors damaged by its recent horrific earthquakes and tsunami.

Japan is evacuating 50,000 people from around the most damaged reactor, and taking other preventative measures to prevent harmful radiation exposure.

Greens are predictably calling for a prohibition of nuclear power, although they would clearly save more lives by prohibiting earthquakes and tsunamis. Without energy, billions of people will die. But then, that is precisely what green lefty-Luddite dieoff.orgy enthusiasts are hoping for, isn't it?



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