Thursday, March 10, 2011

Electricity at 1 Cent per kWh from New LENR Reactor?

Rossi is asked about the initial cost of electricity produced by his systems in terms of cents per kw-h. His respone is”1 cent per kWh”. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average residential cost of electricity is 9.74 cents per kWh (2009 figures). Rossi does not say whether his estimate is at the wholesale or retail level, but in any case, his projection shows that he is anticipating the cost of electricity production to be at a much lower rate than is currently possible. _FET
...brute force is used to cause hot fusion, while cold fusion requires a complex solid environment in which a process similar to seduction can operate. Hot fusion has been studied for more than 60 years by many and, arguably, is well understood. Cold fusion has been studied for only 18 years by a few and is hardly understood at all. Cold fusion is a clean energy source resulting in essentially no radioactivity. Hot fusion results in the generation of considerable amounts of radioactive elements. _ScienceofLowEnergyReactions PDF Storms
Several websites have devoted time to updating the status of the Rossi-Focardi low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) reactor, and "cold fusion" generally.

Brian Westenhaus provides a useful update, focusing on the reaction of American scientist Edmund Storms' reaction to the Rossi/Focardi device and the recent international cold fusion conference in Chennai, India. Some useful links are included.

The Pure Energy Systems Network site also provides a recent update on Rossi's work at the University of Bologna, providing reactions from international researchers in the field of LENR. Worth a look for the curious and the sceptical.

Even more at Cold Fusion Now, and Free Energy Times.

Humans need a clean, cheap, abundant source of energy and power. We need to keep our eyes and minds open to new possibilities. Still, it is best to follow these claims dispassionately, and cautiously.

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