Friday, July 16, 2010

Obama Is Hurting Future Energy Supply

When Obama is not pursuing phantom forms of energy such as big wind and big solar, he is busy destroying proven forms of energy such as fossil fuels and nuclear. Al Fin energy analysts call the Obama energy policy "Energy Starvation." Here is another view from
From somewhere--inside the White House or the Department of Energy--President Obama is getting some pretty awful advice. It's bad enough that he's been persuaded that there's a Nirvana Land of windmills and sunbeams in the future of electricity. But much more gravely in halting drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, he's committing a fearsome folly.

Worst case is not only do we lose production in the Gulf, but any global upset--such as military action in Iran--will stress this oil production-demand balance further. Result: price rises. Political solution: none.

...Coming down the pike is a surge, a really huge surge, in electricity demand as plugin hybrid cars and pure electric cars are deployed.

The plan--if you can call it that--is that the load of new uses will be spread by “smart meters” on the “smart grid,” and this will direct or coerce consumers to charge their cars in the middle of the night. _ Llewellyn
Besides being part of an overall theme of "energy starvation, Obama's moratorium on Gulf of Mexico oil drilling appears designed to allow political insider George Soros to lure drilling rigs away from the US coast, down to Brazil's rich new offshore finds -- where Soros is heavily invested.

Update: Here's more from The Energy Collective's Geoffrey Styles --
...aside from OPEC, an indirect beneficiary of the moratorium that understands very well that when you stop drilling your existing production begins to fall away, there is at least one direct beneficiary that is about to take advantage of the opportunity the ban has created. Brazil has discovered enormous offshore oil reserves in the deep waters of the Santos Basin and elsewhere along its lengthy coastline. As I've noted before, it's the exploitation of these resources, rather than its effective but comparatively-small cane ethanol program, that has made Brazil energy independent and is turning it into one of the most important new oil exporters in the world, including to the US. Until recently, the companies exploring for oil off the coast of Brazil faced the same problems that Gulf Coast drillers did, of high rig rental costs and a long queue for hiring them. Our response to Deepwater Horizon is mitigating both issues. So while it might be promoting safer drilling in the Gulf, one of the unintended consequences of the suspension of drilling here is that it will simultaneously create a greater need for the US to import oil, while ensuring that countries like Brazil will have more of it to sell us, sooner than otherwise and at a bigger profit.

Obama is offering up all viable forms of US energy as sacrificial lambs to the lawyers of anti-energy faux environmental special interest groups -- who are nearly as close to the inner circle of the Obama Pelosi regime as it is possible to get. These dieoff oriented ideologues are writing regulations and legislation which are certain to strangle the energy supply of a US which will add nearly 100 million people to its population over the next 40 years. It is a recipe for a disaster timed to occur sometime after this batch of quasi-nihilists have left town.

Vapid, jejune, vacuous, with a strong ideological bias. A government for zombies, psychological neotenates, and academic lobotomates. Get ready for the consequences.

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