Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fast Pyrolysis Biomass to Liquids, Biomass to Gas

Pyrolysis oil is a clean and uniform liquid that can be used as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels for the production of renewable energy and chemicals. It is obtained through a process called fast pyrolysis, which transforms biomass into a liquid. As a technology supplier BTG-BTL delivers the engineering package, plant automation and the core components for pyrolysis plants. Other plant components and auxiliaries are sourced locally. BTG-BTL strongly believes in cooperation models involving local partners. Working with local partners helps to ensure full consideration of local regulations, standards and safety requirements. BTG-BTL will work together with (EPC-) partners when turn-key delivery is requested. _BTG-BTL PDF
Thermochemical conversion of biomass to biofuels and high value chemicals can be done with available, conventional technology. Optimising the processes is a matter of chemical and industrial engineering.
(1) BTG-BTL’s fast pyrolysis technology is based on intensive mixing of biomass particles and hot sand in absence of air in a modified rotating cone reactor. Pyrolysis oil, char and gas are the primary products from the process.
(2) The charcoal and the sand are recycled to a combustor where the charcoal is burned to reheat the sand.
(3) The vapours leaving the reactor are rapidly cooled in the condensor yielding the oil and some permanent gases.
(4) The permanent gases and the surplus heat from the combustor can be used to generate steam for power generation, biomass drying or external use.

In the last few years, BTG-BTL has tested more than 45 different kinds of biomass feedstock including wood, rice husk, bagasse, sludge, tobacco, energy crops, palm-oil residues, straw, olive residues, chicken manure and many more. BTG-BTL is always interested in broadening the range of suitable feedstock for producing pyrolysis oil._BTG-BTL PDF

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