Saturday, May 29, 2010

3rd Carnival of Nuclear Energy at NextBigFuture

Brian Wang presents a 10 entry edition for the 3rd Blog Carnival of Nuclear Energy.

The 3rd Carnival highlights the life and death struggle going on between nuclear power and "renewables" such as solar and wind. People who promote solar and wind often oppose nuclear energy -- and vice versa. Here are some entries from the 3rd Carnival dealing with this "cold war" of the energies:

4. Nucleargreen also had the Social Construction of Ignorance: Knowledge Pollution and Nuclear Power.

This is the third of a series of articles in which I attempt to determine if opposition to Nuclear Power is a type of "denialism." In this post I explore Kenneth Boulding's concept of Knowledge Pollution, and explore the possibility that the constructs of knowledge pollution and "denialism" can be applied to nuclear opponents.

5. Brave New Climate provides a detailed analysis of capacity factors for different energy sources

Capacity factor (CF) is the amount of energy a power station generates over time (usually a year) compared to what it could have produced if it had been running at full power for the whole period. (Please read TCASE 2, Energy Primer, for a fuller explanation). The CF for coal-fired and nuclear power stations averages 85-90%, wind farms ~20-35%, solar farms ~15-40% (the higher figure is for CSP with thermal storage). Gas or hydro can be high or low — depending…

It’s very tempting to use these percentages as though they were directly interchangable, and indeed I’ve found that most journalists and bloggers happily do this (or else ignore CF completely and cite ‘peak’ power as though it were the same thing). It turns out, however, that this is a seriously misleading practice,

6. Yes Vermont Yankee looks at renewables and the cost of conservation.

the bottom lines were: Renewables can be built and probably should be built, but they can't take over the load from Vermont Yankee.
It takes money for conservation
Conservation, like renewables, is frequently oversold as an answer to energy issues.

7. Atomic Insights notes a San Diego Union Tribune article that renewables need helping hand from gas.

The article describes how combined cycle gas turbine plants work, with gas turbine exhausts feeding steam plant bottoming systems. It talks about air cooled condensers and about the use of peakers to supply power during periods when renewable energy system outputs change rapidly

8. Atomic Insights had an article which at the end described how the activists operate.

Nextbigfuture answered the question of who funds It is activist celebrity actors and singers.

When you combine the anti-fossil fuel fervour from carbon hysterics and the Obama - Pelosi policy of energy starvation, plus the anti-nuclear fervour from misguided wind and solar advocates, there will really be very little energy left to run an advanced tech-society's infrastructure. Political peak oil as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If these green for brains morons see devastation in their nightmares, just wait until they reap the horrific reality they are working so hard to bring about. The general aim for leftist greens is to eliminate 90% of the Earth's human population. Going the route of energy starvation is a bit indirect, but it should be an effective genocidal approach. First they kill off the parts of the advanced world that fell for the "green energy" jive talk, then they sit back and watch as the cities of the third world die off from lack of support from the first world.

Well, no, actually, "they" will have been long since dead, so they will not be sitting back and watching. But they imagine they will be.

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