Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Obama & the Radical Greens: Killing US Economy

Obama and his radical friends could not do a better job destroying US jobs and the US economy if they had planned it out in advance.  Refusing to allow the US to develop its domestic oil is costing the US economy over $2.4 trillion.  By scorning Canada's oil sands, Obama and his friends hold the door open for China's energy-serious government to move into Albertan and Saskatchewan.  Preventing the use of domestic coal, oil shale, and other energy assets is costing the economy many trillions more in lost enterprise and employment.

A wise voter would have understood the stakes in the November 08 elections.  But US schools and universities have been dumbed down, and devoted to indoctrination instead of education, for so long that wise voters are an increasingly rare commodity in the US.   Instead, voters reject logic and reason in favour of emotion, when marking the ballot.

As a result, the US is stuck in a quagmire of long-term unemployment and suppression of new business and industry formation.  As China devours the resources of the world to build a giant dual-use infrastructure, and plants its influence across dozens of nations in both old and new worlds, the US is in stasis -- busy only in building more government.

The foolishness of the Obama, Pelosi, Boxer government should be obvious now, to anyone with more than two connecting neurons.  But what is to be done?

Oynklent Green is, as always, standing by.

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