Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mass (achusetts) Insanity! Political Peak Oil For Dummies

Peak Oil is easy to achieve: simply outlaw all forms of energy that might conceivably substitute for light sweet crude oil. That includes coal, oil shale, oil sands, heavy oils, nuclear, and now ...... biofuels!!! The state of Massachusetts has decided to ban all biofuels from algae, miscanthus, microorganisms, etc!!!
Under the proposed regulation, Massachusetts will ban the use of all non-waste feedstocks, which include algae, cyanobacteria, jatropha, miscanthus, switchgrass, or oils produced on a harvestable basis by microorganisms, such as employed by Joule Biotechnologies.
The action by Massachusetts regulators is particularly stupid, and indicative of what to expect under a regime of political peak oil and faux environmentalist dieoff.orgiasm.

Recent decisions by Obama's EPA and Pelosi's congress lead the entire nation in the same direction: energy starvation by decree. This is the result of extremists in high places, enabled and elected by a dumbed down electorate. It is only the beginning, unless individuals and groups begin to act in their own defense to block and reverse these trends.

The Earth needs wisdom, not extremism. If the green extremists have their way, they will destroy the Earth's ecosystems by shifting world power from governments and civilisations that have protected the environment, toward populations and civilisations that have always devastated the environment. Of course, the idiots are too far gone in their fanaticism to think the thing through.

Oynklent Green [OTC:OYNK], where are you?

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Blogger Snake Oil Baron said...

Off shore wind blocks the view. Soon solar and geothermal will be banned for offending the gods. No energy for you, hippies! BWHAHAHAHA!!!! I hope they also ban the importation of anything made using energy into the state. Let them wear rags and eat dust.

9:15 AM  
Blogger al fin said...

Members of the ruling class never have to suffer from extended power outages or other inconveniences and indignities that lower life forms must endure.

With politicians creating political peak oil and energy starvation at a record pace under Obama, can a re-invention of the guillotine be far behind?

12:57 PM  

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