Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama EPA Moves Quickly to Choke US Energy

The Obama administration EPA is moving quickly to halt the building of critically needed new energy generation plants. Influenced by radical environmental lobbies, the Obama administration is putting leftist ideology first, over the needs of US residents and the economy. Given Obama's boasts to wealthy environmentalist backers that he would "put the coal industry out of business", these moves are not surprising.
Taylor said the EPA decision could be "a real killer" for the planned coal-fired plant and that it gives opponents time to consider it more seriously.

"I just can't help but believe that the change in the administration had something to do with this," she said.

In November, the EPA was blocked from issuing a permit for a proposed coal-burning power plant in Utah without addressing global warming, a ruling that meant the Obama administration likely would determine the fate of other similar plants. _Examiner
This is just the beginning. So far, "Dear Fuhrer's" anti-energy pogrom is flying mostly below the radar. As this leftist Luddism begins to bite deeper into an already depressed economy, more people will start to notice. The corrupt special interests at fault here include some of the oldest environmental organisations in the US -- recently becoming much more radical since the popularisation of the global warming crusade -- including the Sierra Club.

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