Monday, May 26, 2008

Power-Spar Combines PV, Solar Thermal, Solar Lighting, and Thermal Cooling

Canadian company Menova Energy manufactures the Power-Spar, an all-purpose solar energy device that can heat, cool, provide natural indoor solar lighting, and generate electricity with PV.
The system is designed for easy integration with heat recovery systems, turbines, thermal based chillers and geo-thermal solutions to maximize the thermal, electrical and lighting outputs. This efficient co-generation yields unprecedented dollar value.

Capable of capturing up to 80% of the sun's energy, Power- Spar systems can reduce typical building energy bills by as much as 70%/year! __PowerSpar_via_CleanBreak
A Wal-Mart in the Markham, Ontario area is slated to be the first commercial scale demonstration of the Power-Spar concept. Read more at the links above.

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