Saturday, March 31, 2007

Gas Turbines--An Important Part of the Power System

Gas turbines are important machines in the production of energy for electricity and transportation. When used as part of a cogeneration system, they contribute to high efficiencies for scalable power plant systems.

A short but interesting animation of gas turbine operation for electricity generation. It depicts the operation of the compressor phase of the gas turbine.

This is a video portraying the reliability testing procedures for a new GE gas turbine for jet aircraft.

Here is more information on some specific turbine gensets.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Solar Tower Video--Featuring the Pilot Project in Spain

This video goes inside the solar tower pilot project that has been built in Spain. Although not as large as the tower in the previous video, this one actually exists, and generates electric power. A fascinating glimpse into what is probably one of the best large scale ways of generating electricity from the sun.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion--OTEC

A very nice video illustrating Earth's thermohaline circulation, and the OTEC method of extracting electrical energy from the temperature differential of the tropical ocean. Definitely worth four minutes of your time.

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Large Scale Renewables--Fantastic Video!

While there is no doubt that human civilisation will require more nuclear plants in order to transition away from fossil fuel dependency, large scale renewables offer more sustainable energy paths for the long run.

The solar tower--particularly one of the designs that generates power both day and night--is one of the most promising ideas for large scale renewable power. Personally, I like the idea of combining the solar tower with an arcology tower dwelling--like the Ultima Tower.

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