Monday, October 15, 2012

Green Disaster Builds: Germans, Global Investors Hit

Germany faces power blackouts this winder

Under Germany's green Energiewende dysfunction, almost a million Germans can not afford to pay their energy bills.

And that is just the beginning, as Germans are faced with further electricity price explosions that will not quit.

The grand green energy crusade is beginning to run out of investors, as project after project crashes and burns. The green dysfunction has bankrupted investors from Spain to Denmark to China to the US.

Power grids are already vulnerable to hacking and cyber-attacks, due to poorly considered and vulnerable connectiveness with the global internet. But if green functionaries and activists are successful in turning power grids into vulnerability-infested "smart grids," problems with hackers and cyber-attacks are likely to grow exponentially.

Why are the world's advanced nations submitting vital energy infrastructures to these forms of masochistic dysfunction and creeping catastrophe? One big reason is the near-hysterical fear of greenhouse gas climate doom. But if recent temperatures are any guide, the Earth stopped warming over a decade ago. Of course the bureaucrats whose income and lifestyle depend upon maintaining a climate of alarmism will deny any attempts to hype or deceive.

But we know better.

The agenda of energy starvation embarked upon by Obama, Merkel, Gillard, the EU, etc. can only hurt consumers of energy, and overall economies -- with no tangible benefit. It is time for the people of those countries and unions to throw out the destructors in government, and overhaul the infrastructure of government as necessary to prevent such a disaster from re-occurring.

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