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Cold Fusion / LENR / LANR: Not Dead Yet

At the American Nuclear Society national meeting in San Diego, there will be a panel discussion on LENR, on November 14, from  08:30 to noon.

"Cold Fusion" is far from dead.  A number of websites keep close watch on progress in the LENR field, including Cold Fusion Times.

Brian Westenhaus provided an LENR update about a month ago.

We have been recently informed by independent US researcher Brian Ahern that LENR can provide 45 times as much energy by weight, as diesel.

One of the most broadly informative internet news sources on LENR is Pure Energy Systems, which has been providing a comprehensive weekly report.  Here is a short excerpt of the most recent report:

  • Toyota
    • Toyota is Active in Cold Fusion Research Again - Toyota the giant Japanese automaker is apparently active in cold fusion or low energy nuclear reaction research again. New Energy Times’ Steven B. Krivit reported that Toyota has apparently hired the Electric Power Research Institute a think tank in Palo Alto, California, to conduct an analysis on LENR. A series of articles by Krivit indicates that Toyota is working with researchers at Osaka University and Kobe University in an attempt to use nanomaterials and hydrogen isotope gas absorption to achieve a low energy nuclear reaction. (EnergyCatalyzer3; October 1, 2012)
  • Brillouin 
    • Brillouin Energy Theory - This can be modelled in the theory of UFT228 by electron tunnelling of an electron into a barrier. The phonon wave is a spacetime wave in ECE theory. The capture of the electron by the proton is quantum tunnelling in our language, as in notes 229(1) and 229(2). (Dr. Byron Evans; September 27, 2012)
  • George Miley
    • Does George Miley Have the First USPTO Awarded Patent for Cold Fusion? - This is news is a little old, but I think it is worth mentioning here, and I hadn’t posted about it yet. According to this document, on July 24th, the United States Patent Office issued a patent to George H. Miley for a process listed as "Dislocation site formation techniques". The abstract on the... (E-CatWorld; September 29, 2012)
    • Granted Patents For LENR-Related Works - We have already received two reports regarding patents granted for LENR-related works. This latest achievement has absolutely raised hopes and interest in finding an alternative source of energy through low energy nuclear reactions. For the month of September alone, there were already two patents for different technologies related to LENR. (AndreaRossiECat; October 1, 2012)
  • FutureProbable
    • LENR Thermal Power Plant - Prototype of a thermal co-generation fuel types LENR nickel (~ 4g) and water (0.872g) steam with a low primary energy consumption average yield of 100% maximum power Central 315Wh power consumption on the primary 230Wh in continuous operation. in this embodiment lacks a condenser for recycling the steam from the reactor. (LENRNews; October 3, 2012)

Pordenone E-Cat Conference, October 12
  • Program for Pordenone E-Cat Conference - Here’s a translated version of the program for the October 12 E-Cat conference in Pordenone, Italy. The original Italian version can be read here E-Cat | Energy safely and efficiently? Event Date: Friday, October 12, 2012 – 15:00 There is no doubt that the problem of management of energy resources has always been of fundamental importance in relation to... (E-CatWorld; October 4, 2012)
  • Upcoming Pordenone Conference on E-Cat - Having finished the Zurich conference at the beginning of September, Andrea Rossi will be holding another conference in Pordenone, Italy, starting on October 12th. According to Greenstyle, Rossi himself will speak at 3pm at this conference, Aldo Proia will speak at 3:30 and Salvatore Majorana will follow up at 4pm with their presentations at the Pordenone conference. (ECatReport; October 3, 2012)
  • E-Cat Andrea Rossi at Pordenone Technology October 12 - After ' meeting in Zurich , Andrea Rossi returns home for a conference dedicated to ' E-Cat . It will be the technology hub of Pordenone, 12 October next, to host Rossi will not be alone. Among the speakers of the conference entitled "Energy Efficiently?" There will be Aldo Proia , commercial director of Prometeon SRL and the licensee of the E-Cat in Italy. (; October 2, 2012)
  • The E-Cat to Pordenone Technology - Alea iacta east!'s Finally out, on the site of the technological Pordenone, the announcement of the conference in which eight days between Andrea Rossi will officially launch his E-Cat for the industrial market Italian:  (22Passi; October 4, 2012)
  • New E-CAT Meeting Scheduled for Pordenone, Italy on Oct 12 [Update: Rossi teases] - There’s not too much information about this yet, but a conference about the E-Cat is scheduled to be held in Pordenone, Italy on October 12. The only details I can find about this event come from an advertisement for the event was posted in a Facebook group here The text of the ad is... (E-CatWorld; October 2, 2012)

Very impressive.

It remains the majority opinion of Al Fin LENR analysts that Andrea Rossi is nowhere close to the ability to provide reliable, commercial scale LENR devices.  Rossi has been a great self-promoter, but he has also brought attention to the field at large, and to more legitimate scientists who have apparently zeroed in on a potentially important scientific phenomenon.

Watch and learn.



Blogger Alain_Co said...

About news on LENR, think about going to ...
PESN is in my opinion too much supporting really unscientific energy ;-> ... even if the report is sincere.

Follow also the works of Celani, today working With the CTO of LENR Cars (Antoine Guillemin).
Look also at Kresenn, since they worked too with Celani.

Check also Defkalion, which looks to be unsubstantial, but if you read their papers, see their conferences, let you clear that they have a working reactor, still problems, and serious strategy.

Brillouin is also to follow, and their partnership with SRI is valuable.

Nichenergy seems flying under the radar... Toyota and Mitsubishi seems to have worked long, but to have missed NiH breakthrough... who knows. Don't be surprised if a Chinese team appears from underwater with a finished job.

There are other underground move, that might surprise you... You should talk to the moles.

Anyway if you doubt, just sak why national instruments support clearly LENR, while their only interest can be about image.

about Rossi, I take all with strong reserve.

I bet the breaktrough will be public with Celani, and industrial with Defkalion. But rossi can surprise, and Brillouin is not to forget.

best regards
ps: I've written an open letter about lenr

it is much too long according to some wise people, but you can learn the situation last august.

9:11 AM  
Blogger al fin said...

Thanks for the suggestion.

I've noticed the same tendency in PESN previously, and have never taken the site as an authoritative source. It is rather a good source of ideas to be pursued further.

The ideas are now out in the open -- in industrial labs, academic labs, government labs, etc.

We may need to see breakthroughs in precise mass production of nano scale structures before any commercial applications will be possible.

I don't think Rossi has the ability to match the engineering standards or economies of scale of some of his likely competitors.

8:13 AM  
Blogger kurt9 said...

I'm now convinced that LENR is real and is likely to be commercialized by the end of the decade. I am much more dubious about Rossi. I don't think he is a con-man (I did think this last year). I think he has something real, but is having problems with his process. There are others in Italy, Piantelli, for one, who are doing much more open research and who also are pursuing commercialization.

9:23 AM  
Blogger Alain_Co said...

I agree mostly with your careful position, even if I'm more positive, because I have followed more events... (you can follow my permanent tech-watch on lenrforum... )

I expect much of Celani replication project by MFMP, with N chauvin of LENR Cars, with HUG (I don't know them), and what seem to be serious lab work. at short term.

I expect much from Defkalion, even if (and that make me more confident in their reality) they have problems. Since they are quite serious, hard to know what is happening until it is finished.

To trust Rossi you have to ignore him, and look around. He is a black hole for trust. Just look at his satellites to estimate the mass of his product.

From underground, it remind me Internet in 1991 (Wais, Gopher, hypercard, and http catch-all)... strangely it is about that time (when the story was cold) that I catch interest in CF... just amazed that it did not catch at least fundamental physic interest to discover the source of the sure unexplained anomaly (at that time the critics were already not credibla at all, like any explanation. but experimental results were already solid enough to call more research). the most funny is that with my culture of Semiconductor and material quantum physic, LENR miracles, lack of reproducibility, were not so surprisings (see the beginning of germanium diode effect)... I'm very very conservative, getting away from many publicly accepted scam that flood governements, politics, media and UNO, but I was really amazed how CF was not treated like other more dubious claims... for even 100 times more dubious claims, governments invest billions and make a regulation.

one of the most shocking fact for me is that if you dig at critics, most of the scientific opinion leaders just repeat errors from 1989, ignoring even result in 1990... and for less leading people, they simply admit that it was not repeatable nor powerful enough... But I've learn in school that is something break the physics law, even a little, it deserve to be studied to change the laws... Moreover I have always been shocked how some claims it is violating energy conservation (ah ah, in that case no energy source can exist) or that it is impossible because not like hot fusion... any expert in material science know you have to be prudent with quantum effect in lattice... and the last is that no experiment have proved any claim of error sources, just chatting... So huge pile of consensual bad science is frightening.

by the way, keep away from noble gaz motors and superunitary magnetic motors... ;-> wait for the scientific papers (if there is one in history)... LENR is rock solid about papers, if you integrate that mainstream peer review is dysfunctionning.

6:42 AM  

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