Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Coal Industry Has a Great Deal of Life Left

The future of electric power generation is nuclear. But it is likely to take a few decades for advanced societies to move to new generations of cleaner, safer, more reliable nuclear power reactors. In the meantime, advanced societies will utilise coal for power generation in cleaner ways, while at the same time improving the clean and economic production of liquid fuels, high value chemicals, lubricants, polymers, and more from coal.

Technology is already at the point that the advanced world can use its vast resources of coal cleanly and responsibly. IGCC -- integrated gasification with combined cycle power generation -- plus combined heat and power production, helps make the most of the coal resource while minimising environmental impacts. Coal liquefaction -- CTL coal-to-liquids -- is another approach to clean coal, which converts solid coal into high value liquid fuels, chemicals, and more. Here is more information on recent coal developments and projects in the US:

Is Coal Dead? Not a Chance

World Class IGCC Coal Plan Moves Ahead in Permitting

Kern County California IGCC Coal Plant Pursues Certification

Medicine Bow Wyoming CTL Plant Still Pressing Ahead for Funding

Kemper County Mississippi IGCC plant re-certified for construction by state utility regulators

The Texas Clean Energy Project IGCC coal plant in Odessa continues development

With the development of high temperature gas-cooled modular nuclear reactors, the EROEI of coal to liquids will become much more favourable. With the coming of abundant electrical power from advanced gen III and gen IV nuclear plants, it is quite certain that the use of coal will shift from power generation to the production of liquid fuels, chemicals, polymers, lubricants, and other high value materials.



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