Thursday, January 19, 2012

President Obama Declares Energy Starvation for America

President Obama’s jobs council called Tuesday for an “all-in approach” to energy policy that includes expanded oil-and-gas drilling as well as expediting energy projects like pipelines.

“[W]e should allow more access to oil, natural gas and coal opportunities on federal lands,” states the year-end report released Tuesday by the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

The report does not specifically mention the Keystone XL oil pipeline, but it endorses moving forward quickly with projects that “deliver electricity and fuel,” including pipelines. _TheHill
Meanwhile, US President Obama defies the job council and rejects one of the greatest potential provider of US jobs and prosperity -- the Keystone pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.
Nat Jnl
In a decision sure to re-ignite a fierce energy debate, the Obama administration was announcing on Wednesday its rejection of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline...

... A spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, decried the news. “President Obama is about to destroy tens of thousands of American jobs and sell American energy security to the Chinese,” said Brendan Buck. “The president won’t stand up to his political base even to create American jobs. This is not the end of this fight.”

Texas Gov. Rick Perry also jumped on the news. "The president's focused more on the next election than on the next generation."_NatJnl
The unutterably stupid decision by the former junior Senator from Illinois is in keeping with his overall policy agenda of "energy starvation." Mr. Obama's ruling clique has sandbagged offshore oil drilling, coal mining, safe new nuclear energy reactors, oil shales, arctic drilling, various reliable methods of electrical power generation, and is in the process of putting pressure on shale oil & gas -- the one bright spot in his entire economic reign.

Mr. Obama's championing of bankrupt and unreliable green energy -- such as big wind and big solar -- exposed him as an inept and incompetent venture capitalist who likes to play with taxpayer's money for the benefit of political cronies.

Advanced economies need a huge amount of reliable and affordable energy to prosper. Mr. Obama has chosen to choke off energy supplies and starve the US private sector of its vital needs, and to harry it with ruinous regulation, taxation, mandates, and competition from tax-funded cronies.

US voters had best wise up to this president's agenda before they are all collecting government relief checks, paid in increasingly worthless Obama dollars.

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Blogger warpmine said...

"Wise up?" far to many voter care about one thing and that's their government check particularly for Seniors. Had plenty of conversations with them and all point and say, "I'm old and don't care what happens." All means they don't give a rat's ass what happens to the upcoming generations....pretty damn sad.

We can't be bothered to be torn away from our equivilent glasitorial games, football, to insist accuracy regarding the debate between AGW/energy starvationists and the demand for cheaper energy supplies that subscribe to practicality in producing and developing new forms.

Screwed I tell you. The evironazis are so irrational they would more likely send civilization to the bottom to save a rare mosquito rather than chose their own survival.

8:59 PM  
Blogger al fin said...

Most people are easily brainwashed by the popular media, lacking any other trusted source for information about the world.

They generally wake up when they are hit in the head by irreconcilable contradictions between what they are told by the media, and what they can see with their own eyes.

But even awake, they can be quite dim-witted, as a rule, and are still prone to make the wrong decisions.

That is because their core instincts and knowledge were not properly cultivated as children and adolescents. Human capital left to rust in the elements.

7:04 AM  

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