Monday, November 28, 2011

Big Wind A Catastrophic Choice: Fatal Policy of Blackouts

'Unstable' renewable energy sources increase the risk of 'supra-regional' electricity blackouts with multi-billion pound consequences, insurance giant Allianz has warned....

"Traditional scenarios only assume black-outs for a few days and losses seem to be moderate, but if we are considering longer lasting blackouts... the impacts on society and economy might be significant," the report said.

Outages could also be trigged by cyber attacks, terrorist action, natural disasters or solar storms - eruptions of charged particles from the surface of the sun which can distort magnetic fields and destroy electricity transmission lines. One such storm knocked out power for six million Canadians in 1989, with the next forecast for 2012. _Telegraph_via_GWPF
But as more of Europe comes to depend upon unreliable and dangerously volatile sources of energy such as big wind and big solar, the chances for devastatingly prolonged blackouts rises along with this dangerous dependency.

Humans living in advanced societies have come to take their electrical supplies for granted. They assume that when they flip the switch, the electrical device will instantly and reliably turn on. But green energy policy makers in the EU are aiming to give their constituents a taste of third world quality in their electrical service. And the odds are, that one Europeans catch on to what is being done to them, they will revolt.
In eastern Germany, turbines in strong wind can produce more than all German coal and gas plants put together, while the need to switch off turbines in high winds causes a drop-off in electricity of 12GW - equal to two nuclear power plants. Outages are likely if there is too little demand or storage capacity to accommodate the jumps in supply.

Leading risk analysts modelled a worst-case scenario in which transformers are knocked out in the United States, causing outages to cascade through the grid into Canada, Russia and Scandanavia.

Credit cards and cash machines would stop immediately, and petrol pumps and refineries would shut-down within six hours. Back-up generators powering hospitals, stock exchanges, emergency services and sewerage plants could run out of fuel within days.

Industry would grind to a halt, cooling equipment would fail and homes would go without food supplies, water or heating, leaving families spending winter around open fires. Allianz predict it would take a year to get the transformers back online. The cost to insurers would top one trillion dollars and chronic power shortages would continue for up to a decade.

"Blackouts during the last ten years in Europe and Northern America have demonstrated an increasing likelihood of supra-national blackouts with accompanying large economic losses," the analysts wrote. _Telegraph_via_GWPF
Greens of the lefty-Luddite persuasion have shown themselves to be particularly indifferent to the possibilities of catastrophic energy and power disruptions arising from the energy policies which they advocate. This is not so surprising, given the covert-but-understood subtext of dieoff.orgiasm that lies at the heart of green energy policies. Greens wish for the human population of Earth to die off to the point that there are only somewhere between 100 million humans and 1 billion humans remaining. But now that greens have come to power in the US and the EU, they are beginning to implement the very policies which could create the long series of cascading catastrophes which could help trigger such a die-off.

Keep your eyes open, and get to work on your own redundant systems -- just in case.

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Blogger Whirlwind22 said...

The sad fact is that this is all true. Matt Simmons used to talk about it all the time, along with many others. It's just the physics of the matter. Sadly this will be used to intensify consumption of diminishing fossil fuels. The truth is, there is only one option... Learn how to live on much less electricity. But infinite growth will not permit that. It will kill everything. -- MCR

Not my quote but maybe appropo for this situation?

10:20 AM  

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