Friday, November 25, 2011

The Power of Wishful Thinking -- An Untamed Force

Caveat: This is not an endorsement of Foster Gamble's "documentary." Rather it is a glimpse into a mindset which is likely to lead to an enormous waste of resources chasing after the innumerable will of the wisps which the human mind is capable of conjuring from nothing. Optimism is a good thing. But it has to be reined in by rational checks and verification.

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Thrive is directed by Foster Gamble, of the Proctor and Gamble empire, who left that corporate empire to pursue something he felt was more in keeping with his soul. The movie portrays his journey to find truth and meaning. _Pesn
This is the type of thinking that is well suited to modern psychological neotenates and academic lobotomates. The Occupy Wall Street personality would find much to confirm their innate biases, in this full length 2 hour video.

But no matter how much you want something to be true, if there is "no there, there," you can only waste your time, and throw good money after bad.

This kind of popular delusion is likely to grow more common, as the fruits of the "great educational dumbing down" of the last few decades come to ripen across society's breadth.

Rational optimism and innovative thinking are the way out of the deepening problems of energy starvation, political peak oil, carbon hysteria, population phobia, and other man-made problems. Both rationality and optimism are crucial to the future human enterprise.

But because ideologues have taken over western academia, media, and politics, most modern humans are not taught to think from multiple perspectives -- the only path to rationality. Instead, young humans are indoctrinated in a dominant political correctness which forbids all rational doubt or discourse. In such an inbred climate, humans cannot learn to think clearly. The end result is what you see on the news every evening.

The human mind does need to be unleashed. But it first must be trained to seek out and develop fertile fields of thought. The mind must be given the skills and competencies to recognise productive pathways and to distinguish dead ends early enough to avoid an excessive waste of time and resources.

More: The video below takes a quick look at the politically correct religion of carbon hysteria. The fact that the world is teetering on the brink of a $15 trillion to $30 trillion massive redistribution scam -- which would put the finishing touches to the demolition of the world's advanced economies -- tells you how easily human societies and governments can be led down the primrose path. Nobel prizewinner Daniel Kahneman helps us understand this human tendency toward self-delusion.



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