Monday, October 31, 2011

Rossi Claims to Have Sold More Than 2 E-Cat LENR 1 MW Plants

Important Note: This posting originally referred to a "100 MW E-Cat plant." As was pointed out by a commenter, Rossi has not gone beyond the 1 MW size for his E-Cat. Al Fin energy analysts are accustomed to dealing with much larger sizes of power plant than the E-Cat, and subconsciously substituted the larger number. But it should be understood that the 1 MW powerplant -- if it can be made to work reliably in mass production -- will fit a very important niche market.

Stephen Krivits is accusing Andrea Rossi of committing intentional fraud, with regard to the E-Cat energy catalyzer. But other observers are saying that there is a 99% chance that Rossi's enterprise is legitimate.

Meanwhile, Andrea Rossi is claiming to have sold more than 2 of his 1 MW E-Cat LENR steam plants, and seems to be bursting with readiness to transform the world's energy scene.

Czech physicist Lubos Motl has been sceptical of Rossi all along. This article on Watts Up With That contains some interesting back and forth in both the article and in comments.

It is fascinating that so many people want to put themselves on record on either one side or the other, when the obvious rational thing for most people -- most outsiders -- to do is to wait for more information. Unless you have money or reputation on the line here, there is no need to declare a strong opinion one way or the other -- if you have no inside knowledge.

This is also the problem with other topics which grow into bandwagons and quasi-religious crusades, such as carbon hysteria and peak-oil-doom. While there is certainly insufficient evidence in support of belief in doom from anthropogenic carbon or resource scarcity, there is also insufficient evidence for complacency -- in terms of preparedness for serious fuel shortages or sudden climate shifts, from whatever cause.

Belief is over-rated. Preparedness and dynamic versatility are under-rated.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.



Blogger Ruby said...

Hey Alfin, I think that's 1 Megawatt units.

9:31 PM  
Blogger al fin said...

Yes, thanks Ruby.

Just a bit of wishful thinking, I suppose. ;-)

9:02 AM  

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