Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fusion Researcher Dr. George Miley Appears to Support Rossi's LENR Approach

Video streaming by Ustream
Cold Fusion video via Boots and Oil

Dr. George Miley, cold fusion researcher and affiliate professor at the University of Illinois, is one of the participants in the ACS conference symposium on cold fusion video above. Dr. Miley is one of the latest scientists to suggest that Andrea Rossi may be on the right track with his E-Cat LENR device.

Miley gave a presentation at a recent Green Energy Symposium in Philadelphia on cold fusion. The ecatsite blog is featuring Dr. Miley's slideshow and slideset, which provides some documentation of his own research with a similar Ni - H2O setup as Rossi is using. Here is a small subset of Miley's slides (via ecatsite). The full set is available at ecatsite.

As you can see from the last slide, the isotope concentrations before and after running the cold fusion device are significantly different, suggesting that a transmutation process has occurred. More information on Dr. Miley's experimental setup for detecting and measuring isotopes

PDF Survey of observed excess energy in LANR reactions. The author, Mitchell Swartz, presents an interesting mechanism for production of this excess heat. Notice that author Swartz of the PDF survey prefers the term "Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions" (LANR) over the term "Low Energy Nuclear Reactions" (LENR), although he seems to be referring to the same phenomenon.

Brian Wang has also been covering these developments in LENR and E-Cat
BW has more news about Rossi's near and intermediate-term plans for selling 1 MW LENR devices and eventually progressing to selling home - scale devices for individual households.

No one actually knows what nuclear reaction is taking place, if any, to explain the excess heat which has been so widely observed by a very broad range of experimental scientists. Some scientists suggest that more than one type of reaction may be involved, depending upon the experimental setup.

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Blogger kwhilborn said...

Excellent video. I wish a presenter had stood up and yelled that LENR is real and YELLED! This field needs media attention.

Many seem to forget LENR is a field advancing despite “Andrea Rossi”. It is nice to hope he can control LENR and will shock the world, but it is more practical to endorse LENR research and hope a multi billion dollar look at LENR today will lead to quicker and better scientifically accepted results.

Andrea Rossi is not helping research, as his antics fuel the skeptics.

We have a power that is very close to providing very very cheap and clean energy to the world, and people refuse to talk about it because it has a bad reputation. It deserves a better reputation fast.

-Imagine 600 million smog producing cars and trucks replaced by a smog free clean air variety.

-Imagine fresh country air in the middle of any city.

-Imagine global warming halted.

-Imagine buying a car that never requires refueling. A lifetime of fuel is built right in.

-Imagine cheap desalination providing water to deserts and ocean villages worldwide.

-Imagine lives saved from clean water, food, and fresh air.

-Imagine 1kg of Nickel = 200 000 barrels of oils. Nickel is fifth most common element on earth.

-Imagine no oil wars.

-Imagine the middle east becoming “friendlier” to endorse their new non oil economies.

-Imagine a resurgence of giant airship flying hotels (BLIMPS) as LENR energy provides the heat and Helium necessary to keep them powered easily.

-Imagine prices drop on everything as manufacturing costs and transportation costs are drastically reduced for most all items.

- Imagine the business booms. People say it could hurt governments, but realistically governments will make their money on other fronts. It will be a boom above all booms.

-Imagine cruises much cheaper and the ships go at five times the speed. Sailboats would only be for enthusiasts and not for people scrimping on fuel. Everyone will want a hydrofoil or powerboat.

-Imagine retiring or living in the middle of your lake on a boat with enough power to provide a comfortable environment with televisons and computers.


Imagine all this is possible within a few years. We are close. Support research.

10:15 PM  

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