Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thermochemical Conversion Conference, Chicago, 28-30 September


Thermochemical conversion of biomass to fuels, chemicals, power, and process heat, is on the fast track for creating advanced biofuels. The international conference on thermochemical conversions of biomass, TCBiomass2011, will be held in Chicago 28-30 September 2011 (via Renewable Energy World) .
Top 5 reasons to attend tcbiomass 2011:
  1. Gain insights from leading experts during 25 peer-selected scientific presentations and 50 posters
  2. Hear dynamic keynotes on the current vision of biomass energy development and applications
  3. Gain benefits by attending special receptions, lunches, and a dinner event
  4. Network with colleagues from around the world
  5. Participate in a special technical tour

Who attends:
  • In 2009, tcbiomass brought together leading researchers from 22 countries and 130 organizations.

  • Senior experts

  • Technology developers

  • Investors in emerging technology

  • Engineering companies

  • Feedstock suppliers

  • Government policymakers

  • Professors and students in academia

Three new Pyrolysis plants to convert waste wood to pyrolysis oil and bio-char in Oregon.

Pyrolysis (no oxygen) and gasification (limited oxygen) allow the conversion of biomass and any type of carbonaceous mass (including waste tyres, municipal waste, waste plastics, etc) to either pyrolysis gas, pyrolysis oil, and syngas -- which can be converted to high value chemicals, fuels, lubricants, plastics, etc. The bio-char by-product from pyrolysis can be used as a soil additive. These thermochemical conversion technologies will allow for massive coal to liquids (CTL), gas to liquids (GTL), biomass to liquids (BTL), and the conversion of materials previously considered waste, to high value products.

The basic technologies have existed for centuries, but with the somewhat contrived boost in crude oil prices, a much greater impetus for their development currently exists.

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