Monday, July 18, 2011

LENR: Low Energy Nuclear Revolution? Cold Fusion Documentary

A video documentary looking at cold fusion and the Rossi/Focardi experiments, via

A video documentary looking at Andrea Rossi's venture, presenting some historical perspective on one of Rossi's previous unsuccessful ventures, interviews with scientists who have observed the E-Cat in operation, and with a look at the Greek company Defkalion.

More information on LENR:

New Energy Times

Cold Fusion Now

Andrea Rossi's "Journal of Nuclear Physics"

Check in regularly at for ongoing news on LENRs and other unconventional energy sources

So many scientists have reported excess heat from similar types of experiments, that it seems quite possible that some unexplained process is involved -- most likely of a nuclear nature, but possibly involving subatomic particle energy states of a non-nuclear nature.

If excess energy production is proven above and beyond conventional chemical processes, then two questions arise: 1. Is the process of commercial interest? and 2. Exactly what is happening at the atomic level?

Entities such as Brillouin, Defkalion, Blacklight Power, etc. each have different explanations for why they believe their products produce excess heat, but the explanations are incompatible with each other, and are typically in conflict with generally acknowledged physics.

Al Fin energy analysts have not been able to test these devices, and have not expressed opinions on the possible scientific or commercial promise, other than natural scepticism.



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