Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dian Chu Predicts a New Oil Peak due to Shale Oil

Economic forecaster Dian Chu gives a presentation on the future of shale energy in the US.
Large deposits of gas and oil in US onshore shale formations are forming the foundation for a new fossil fuel energy rush inside the continental US.
Thanks to the Obama moratorium on new drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, oil producers and investors are looking toward fossil fuel deposits in shale formations from North Dakota to Texas to Pennsylvania.
Technological advances in exploration, recovery, production, and refinement of unconventional fossil fuels will only get better and more economical with time.
New timeline for Peak Oil? Sometime after the year 2100.

Of course by then, advanced fission and fusion will provide most of the world's electricity, and microbial producers will provide the bulk of the world's transportation fuels, high value chemicals, plastics, and animal feeds -- using everything from biomass to solid waste to liquid waste as feedstocks.

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