Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nuclear News

News update of the Bill Gates - Toshiba collaboration to create "traveling wave" nuclear reactors (via Brian Wang).

Broad updated overview of the state of fusion energy from Cosmic Log (via Brian Wang)

The Chinese are experimenting with nuclear fuel re-use utilising a Candu reactor

South Korean nuclear reactor companies aim to take their business to global markets

As different approaches to re-using nuclear fuel are perfected, it will become clear that there is no shortage of fuels for nuclear energy. Particularly as thorium reactors are added to the mix. Several approaches to the conversion of final nuclear wastes to harmless products are also being developed and improved. Final nuclear wastes are those wastes that can no longer be used for productive purposes. They can be transmuted to harmless substances using neutron sources of various kinds.

Even with hundreds of thousands of years worth of fuel to power fission reactors, fission is best regarded as a "bridge energy process" to get us to clean sustainable fusion. And thinking long-term, fusion itself will be seen as a bridge energy process to get us to the better energy sources that wait just beyond our current competence.



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