Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sources of Oil Used in the US

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Thanks to the Obama administration, US oil companies are restricted from pursuing profitable offshore oil fields. Oil companies are restricted from developing rich deposits of oil shale. Nuclear plants are hamstrung by regulation, prevented from building safe new reactor designs. Coal power plants are being driven into bankruptcy, intentionally.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration plans to give many billions of dollars to Brazil to develop its offshore oil fields. This money will be borrowed from China, then forwarded to Brazil. US taxpayers will be left holding the bag, and will eventually have to pay exorbitant prices to Brazil for its new oil.

Your tax dollars at work. Your elected officials looking out for you.

We know that solar and wind are unreliable and exorbitantly expensive. Eventually -- if not blocked by environmental lobbyists -- alternatives to petroleum fuels will be affordable and available.

But until that time, only a government with a death wish for its own economy and citizens would promote the energy policies of the current US reich.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. I would like to point out that at least 50% of the current US electorate seems to have some sort of death wish, the behavior of our government only follows from this. One of the reasons this is disguised is that a great many people in the Rust Belt will tell pollsters that they support some conservative project, but will then inexplicably vote Democratic year after year. This creates a hidden population of leftists that is often unaccounted for in most amateur political analysis.

2. I would also like to point out that eventually the eco-religion will turn on wind power since wind farms take up land that could be used as spotted owl habitat. The environmentalists vision of utopia seems to be the Dark Ages, where all men are bound to the land, the population is controlled by plague and famine, and all technological progress has been halted then turned back. These ecos are probably also opposed to lending money at interest, so they would also love to destroy our financial industry too.


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