Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Geothermal Energy Discovery in Australia

Geologists have discovered a massive underground basin of "hot rocks" that could provide clean energy to a quarter of Queensland, Premier Anna Bligh says.

A government-funded exploration program has uncovered the Millungera Basin, a 15,000 square kilometre area about 100 kilometres east of Cloncurry in Queensland's northwest. _The Age

Experts have estimated that Australia could draw nearly 7 per cent of its electricity from hot rock power stations by 2030 after Geoscience Australia's analysis revealed the country's geothermal energy source to be about 1.2 billion petajoules - far eclipsing our 140,000 PJ of total proven and probable gas reserves.Geologists discovered the new basin, which is believed to be up to 540 million years old, underneath the younger Carpentaria Basin. Further surveys will be conducted to find out the size, shape and depth of the basin in addition to drilling to assess the geothermal potential of the site. The Government will soon decide which blocks of land will be released for tender for geothermal and gas exploration. _NEN

Australia is better known for its abundant coal resources, becoming a main supplier to China's rapidly expanding coal power industry, and also beginning to supply the growing Persian Gulf coal market.

Thanks to Keven Rudd's new carbon inquisition, Australia may be unable to use its own coal in-country. Very much like the US Congress led by Boxer and Pelosi, placing onerous constraints on US energy use.

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