Sunday, November 25, 2012

132nd Nuclear Energy Blog Carnival at Fukushima Accident Report

The 132nd Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers is hosted at Fukushima Accident Updates.
Here is a short excerpt:
Everyday Explosions – There have been several gas explosions over the past couple weeks, here in Massachusetts and nationwide. More people have been killed in a few weeks due to gas explosions than in a half century of U.S. nuclear power due to radiation. Yet there are no calls to shutdown gas plants or stall gas construction in the U.S. or worldwide. Why the irrational fear of nuclear power?

From ANS Nuclear Cafe (2) -
Vermont Yankee supporters at Public Service Board hearing - Howard Shaffer reports from a Vermont Public Service Board hearing concerning the continued operation of the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant -- where Vermont Yankee supporters mounted a very successful appearance, outnumbering opponents 3 to 1 (and)
Post-election outlook for nuclear energy - Jim Hopf with an in-depth analysis and discussion of the impacts of the recent US national elections on the prospects for US nuclear energy

Oak Ridge is preparing an application to the US NRC to put 4 SMRs at the Clinch River Breeder Reactor site

One person's view on why shutting down nuclear power plants is madness

Another look at Germany's dysfunctional decision to retreat from nuclear power

Holtec is undeterred at being passed over by the DOE for first round SMR finance - matching



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