Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Waterless Fracking Improving, Changing the Game


Brian Westenhaus takes a closer look at waterless GASFRAC of Calgary

Brian Wang also takes a look at water-free fracking

New methods of fracturing deep source rock promise to change the face of the tight oil & gas energy revolution. Eliminating the need to use water should minimise concerns about earthquakes and water contamination.

Originally developed for shale oil extraction in geographic areas that were far too cold to use water due to freezing, Non-Hydraulic Extraction has recently emerged to be asserted as a cheaper and more effective extraction method that does not affect groundwater at all.

Chimera Energy Corp has put in place their procedure for engineering this new method for mass production, patenting, licensing and sales. For a description of how Non-Hydraulic Extraction works, high-speed broadband users may visit

All other Internet speed connections may visit www.chimeraenergyusa.com/investors.html. _FP

More from Russ Steele:
A planned shale gas drilling project in New York state has drawn global attention for its aim to make use of a waterless form of hydraulic fracking – a new technique designed to reduce the pollution associated with controversial natural gas drilling processes.

According to an industry report, the project is focused on using a technology that pumps a thick gel made from propane into the ground as opposed to using traditional methods of hydraulic fracking that make use of a mixture of water, sand, and chemicals to extract natural gas reserves from deep shale formations. Unlike traditional technologies, the gel from the new liquefied propane gas (LPG) fracking method reverts to vapor while still underground, and as a result returns to the surface in a recoverable form. _Russ Steele

As technological innovation discovers better ways to discover and recover new energy supplies, we will always be confronted with new problems and new objections.

But the answer to obstacles is not to lie down and whine, as faux environmentalists are wont to do. Rather the answer is to get busy and devise solutions and viable work-arounds.

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