Monday, June 25, 2012

Obama's Green Energy Policy Sinks Itself

Most intelligent people could have predicted that Obama's poorly considered green energy blitz would come to a bad end. But the Obama crew was hoping that it would stay above water at least until after the next election. No such luck.
The Obama Administration’s clean energy program is reminiscent of the Titanic after it hit the iceberg. It is taking on water, the crew has no idea of what to do, and the band plays on.

Germany and other EU clean energy advocates are facing up to the reality that they can’t right their economies while heavily subsidizing the so called clean energies that are not commercially viable and are an economic dead weight. In spite of this, President Obama continues to push his clean energy program as the key to our economic future, job creation, and energy independence. Over a 3 year period, spending on so called clean energy technologies more than doubled–$17.9 billion in FY-2007 to $37.2 in FY-2010.

The environmental community and rent-seeker continue to support his policy but unfortunately, the analytical community has jumped ship.

...Technology and energy economics are the main drivers for determining when a new technology is commercially viable. People like the President who don’t care for fossil energy keep underestimating how strongly they are embedded in our economy because of economics and utility. Fracking has resulted in an abundance of natural gas that will slowly replace coal for power generation and will have a role as a transportation fuel. The current alternatives to gasoline and diesel for transportation are too costly with the current technology and no breakthroughs are on the horizon. _Fuel Fix

Obama's green energy blitz was all about paying back campaign bundlers, contributors, and supporters. It was never about jobs and it certainly was never about real energy -- at least as far as those who understood the fundamentals were concerned.

The world is full of poor jerks who are willing to follow a charismatic leader wherever he may go. Mass movements such as carbon hysteria, green dieoff.orgiasm, and peak oil doomerism all attest to that fact.

Never has there been a greater need for independent, competent, and intelligent humans, with the ingenuity to solve the many problems which have always presented themselves to humans since the beginning of the species.

Peak ingenuity, peak competent manpower -- those are the peaks we should be concerned about.

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