Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Real World Says: F*ck You, Fukushima!

The real world -- aside from Obama's US NRC and the EU's greener governments -- has just about had it up to the chin with Fukushima doomsday coverage. Intelligent people who solve real world problems understand that nuclear power is the only reliable, safe, and affordable form of power and process heat generation that can go the distance over a time frame of many centuries.

MIT Technology Review

Several countries [living in a fantasy dream world __ ed.] have completely changed course. Japan has turned off 52 of its 54 reactors, and the future of nuclear power there is extremely uncertain. Germany shut down seven reactors, elected not to restart another that had been down for maintenance, and plans to decommission its remaining nine reactors by 2022. Italy, Switzerland, and Mexico have each retreated from plans to build new nuclear plants, and Belgium's government, which took over in late 2011, wants to make the country nuclear-free by 2025.

Several other economically developed countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and France (whose 58 reactors provide around three-fourths of its electricity) are still generating roughly the same amount as they were before the Fukushima disaster, and maintain modest plans for future construction of additional reactors.

But the future of nuclear power in the developing world is a different story. China, which currently has 15 reactors connected to its grid, is building 26 more and has approval, funding, or major commitments in place to build 51 more, according to the World Nuclear Association. Russia, with 33 reactors, and India, with 20, are building a combined 16 more, with 34 more planned.

Dozens of countries have expressed interest in building their first nuclear reactor, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency. _MIT Technology Review -- World Plans for Nuclear Future
Unfortunately for the US and much of Europe, their green delusional governments are putting them in a very tough spot, in terms of future reliable power generation capacity. Once the people comprehend what is being done to them in the name of a dieoff.orgy green ideology, they will not be happy.

Here is more about how ideological factions within the US government have retarded the development of safe, reliable, and affordable new nuclear power:
The Obama Administration and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D–NV) scored a victory in their war against Nevada’s Yucca Mountain as a nuclear-waste repository when the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) voted in September to dispose of all pending matters in the Yucca licensing case without approving or disapproving the Department of Energy’s application to construct and operate the repository.

By pushing the nation further from a solution for nuclear-waste disposal, the vote also damages the prospects for nuclear energy expansion. Under current practice, the NRC can license new reactors only if it expresses confidence that the spent nuclear fuel (SNF) from the reactors will be disposed at an off-site facility. This requirement is referred to as the “waste confidence” rule.

Recognizing the link between new construction and waste disposal, the NRC’s chairman, Gregory Jaczko, persuaded the NRC to revise the waste confidence rule to reflect an assumption that no waste repository will be built in the foreseeable future. The problem is that this revision undermines the original purpose of the rule, which was to assure the public that nuclear waste would not remain at nuclear reactor sites indefinitely. Specifically, the revised rule:
  1. Undermines the credibility of the 1982 Nuclear Waste Policy Act, as amended, and its mandate to complete the Yucca Mountain project;
  2. Undermines confidence that any effective nuclear-waste-disposal plan will be implemented;
  3. Provides the anti-nuclear movement with an opportunity to slow the expansion of nuclear energy through litigation;
  4. Weakens investor and public confidence in nuclear power;
  5. and
  6. Undermines incentives for government and industry to develop long-term waste-disposal solutions.
_Nuclear Power: Obama Administration No Confidence
Read the rest of the article for historical perspective, and possible solutions and workarounds to the Obama energy starvation plan.

Green ideologues inside and outside of governments and inter-governments, would like to be able to repeal the industrial revolution from the outset. Their energy starvation ideology applies to nuclear, hydrocarbons, and any other reliable forms of abundant energy which might be discovered or devised.

The real world outside of green-dominated jurisdictions is having none of that nuclear and carbon hysteria. For those who must labour under capricious and irrational green dieoff rules, regulations, and taxes foisted on them by corrupt, delusional, and degenerate ideologues, hold on. Help is coming.

Unfortunately, some very bad things may have to happen to your economies before the green hysterics can be flushed. But be prepared for better times, once that has been done.



Blogger Matt M said...

President Obama will take away your car and your air conditioner. He will do this by making them both too expensive to operate.

Vote for Obama: so you can sit home and sweat.

12:52 PM  
Blogger Matt M said...

1/2 of the people on this planet still heat and cook with Wood or Dung.

Tell them that nuclear power is too dangerous and they just have to stick with sh#t.

12:55 PM  

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