Sunday, March 25, 2012

More on the Russian SVBR 100 Fast Modular Reactor

Here is an update on the Russian fast reactor from AKME Engineering, the SVBR 100:
The SVBR-100 could be the first reactor cooled by heavy metal to generate electricity. It is described as a multi-function reactor for power, heat or desalination and a power station with 16 such modules would be expected to supply electricity at lower cost than any other new Russian technology, said AKME, while achieving inherent safety and high proliferation resistance. _WNN
The unit is described as an integral design because the steam generators and reactor core both sit in the same pool of coolant - lead-bismuth at temperatures in the range 340-490 deg C. It would be factory assembled and shipped to site in a module measuring 4.5 metres in diameter and 7.5 metres high ready to be placed within a tank of water that provides passive cooling and radiation shielding.

The SVBR concept has already run on seven Alfa-class submarines, as well as within experimental land-based installations, giving a total of about 80 reactor-years of operating experience. In 2009 AKME-Engineering was set up as a 50/50 joint venture between Russian state nuclear company Rosatom and Irkutskenergo of En+ Group, aimed at commercializing the technology.
The plan is to complete the design development and put on line a 100 MWe demonstration plant by the end of 2017, with total investment of RUR16 billion ($585 million). The site is to be the Research Institute of Atomic Reactors at Dimitrovgrad - Russia's largest nuclear research centre. _WNN
The Russian design is more advanced than most of the SMR designs initially being considered by the US NRC. It may be well over a decade before the US NRC considers more advanced reactor designs for licensing.

Meanwhile, Russia is building a successful overseas nuclear reactor market, thanks to growing demand from Asia. If the Russians can offer a safe and economical advanced SMR such as the SVBR 100 to overseas customers, it should prove extremely profitable.

h/t Next Big Future

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