Monday, December 05, 2011

Scrambling to Find Energy Sources that Obama Considers Kosher

US President Obama's administration has consistently opposed energy from coal, offshore oil, Canadian oil sands, shale oil & gas, arctic petroleum, oil shale kerogens -- even nuclear! The only form of energy Obama has consistently supported is big solar and big wind -- as long as he can benefit his crony supporters.

But wind & solar are unreliable and exorbitantly expensive. Tying the hands of your nation's energy infrastructure leads to reduced industrial capacity, a shrinking workforce, and eventually a collapsing economy. The US federal government has seemed to prosper despite the collapse of the US private sector under Obama, but eventually even federal government agencies begin to run up against shortages in the type of power and energy that satisfy their overlords in the White House.
Scrambling to shrink their carbon footprints, federal agencies in Hampton Roads and beyond are eyeing a proven yet controversial source of energy: nuclear power.
But they're not pursuing large-scale power plants that tend to evoke the accidents at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Japan. Instead, the agencies are considering small reactors — like those found on aircraft carriers — that would be assembled in factories and, in some cases, made to look like unassuming industrial sites.

"It's hard, at this stage, not to think of it as an option," said Roy Whitney, an administrator at Jefferson Lab, a nuclear physics facility in Newport News run by the Energy Department. _DailyPress
And yet, Obama's Nuclear Regulatory Commission continues to place huge obstacles in the way of the development of new reactor designs. When government grows as large as the US federal bureaucracy, one is lucky to be allowed to breathe.

Despite the Obama administration's policy of stonewalling virtually every form of reliable energy, researchers, entrepreneurs and industrialists continue attempting to develop abundant sources of clean and reliable energy which will slip through the deadly web of government regulations, restrictions, and insane mandates.

Various ways of using biomass -- such as "biocoal" and advanced cellulosic biofuels -- would seem to be acceptable even to irrational greens in government. And yet the big environmental lobbies who helped Obama get elected seem to find something in every type of practical energy source which they hate.

Environmental opposition to biomass power plants has been extremely vocal. The only reason that environmentalists have not come out publicly against advanced biofuels is that these fuels are still several years away from becoming economically competitive. But as soon as any form of energy comes along which threatens to provide human societies with reliable and abundant energy, environmental activists rise up against it.

President Obama's primary constituencies include corrupt labour unions, hyper-litigation attorneys, gay - lesbian - and - transgender activists, ethnic minorities, leftist and muslim activist groups, and big environmental lobbies. Prominently absent from that group of supporters is any organisation dedicated to the health of the economic private sector, or to an abundant and innovative future.

In other words, Mr. Obama's broad policy of energy starvation fits in with an overall "lethal meme" approach to societal control. Understanding this, anyone who wishes to promote a reliable and abundant source of energy would need to "fly under the administration's radar," so to speak.

Something to consider.

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