Saturday, April 09, 2011

47th Carnival of Nuclear Energy at Cool Hand Nuke

Cool Hand Nuke hosts the 47th edition of the Carnival of Nuclear Energy. Here are a few excerpts:

"When the prospect of a single nuclear-related fatality is judged more newsworthy than the plight of half a million homeless survivors of an unprecedented natural disaster, then something has gone egregiously wrong in the editorial rooms of mainstream media vehicles. It is time we admit that we do risk wrong in our public conversations."

It notes TVA's efforts to educate the public on the critical design differences that distinguish Browns Ferry from the Fukushima BWR Mark 1s.  Such understanding is important to public acceptance.  

"George Monbiot Declares the Era of Confusion Over:" What Mobiot does is to demonstrate that Caldicott systematically evades her responsibility to prove the things she claims to be proven true by scientific evidence. Caldicott has been playing this game for years, but her day of reckoning has arrived, and Monbiot gives her unwillingness or inability to provide evidence the exposure it richly deserves.  Caldicott is confused. No doubt a lot of people are, but George Monbiot, who has finally worked through his own confusion, has clearly announced that the Era of Confussion is over _CoolHandNuke

Visit the entire carnival at the links above. You will find more stories on the Fukushima nuclear reactors incident, and other stories dealing with the quest for more new safe nuclear power.

MidAmerican Energy in Iowa is almost unfazed by Japan's nuclear incident, and appears determined to go ahead with a new plant incorporating one or more small modular reactors -- to go online near 2020.

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