Sunday, February 27, 2011

Synthetic Biology and the Future

Synthetic biology is one of the six world-changing basic sciences chosen by an expert panel at the US Department of Defense. Other than advanced cognitive science, it is difficult to conceive of any other science or technology which could have greater impact on the human future than synthetic biology.

Jay Keasling wants to use synth-bio to create jet fuel and diesel.

Here is a brief primer on synthetic biology, and a look at the quest for a "genetic transistor."

Here is a look at another ultra-rich investor (besides Khosla) who is investing big in synthetic biology.

A quick look at one of the powerful new tools of synthetic biology.

The sophisticated genetic modification of microbes, plants, and animals is likely to lead to a number of dramatic disruptive products and technologies -- going far beyond alleviating any conceivable fuel shortage.

While the bulk of energy journalists, pundits, and economists seem to be whining and obsessing over a temporary political peak oil accompanying political unrest in third world MENA countries, smarter people are looking past the insignificant speed bumpts toward longer term goals and technologies.

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